Ryan Mulner - Vocals & Guitar
Grant Hagen - Bass
Josh Lubovich - Drums
        Average Mammals out of Hibbing, Minnesota, have taken the area by surprise. While bands are being turned out of the Twin Cities and the Twin Ports on a regular basis, they have worked their way out of a smaller environment with an original mix of indie-rock and other original experimental material featuring solid instrumental and vocals that shouldn't be ignored with their latest album, Life Under the Influence.

        Their music has evolved over some years and they recorded many of the songs on Life Under the Influence locally, but eventually went out to Pie Studios in Pasadena, CA in June 2013 to record a final version of several years of material. The results of the album launched the band into another step of their current place in Mid-West rock.

        The band consists of Ryan Mulner (guitar/vocals), Grant Hagen (bass) and Josh Lubovich (percussion/backing vocals). Mulner mixes songwriting with a definite drive to this band's material. Average Mammals are an unexpected addition to the music scene of what is coming out up north. They have the charisma to keep people happy for hours and the original purity to gain the attention of the most discerning of concert goers. Over the years they've gained a definite presence that is undeniable.
Josh Lubovich